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Miserable Indie Pop Song

from Shapes of Life by asterick

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Bonn between the old and the work of death.


Because it is time for you to press record and play it

Better rip-chord your chakras
Do anything your mind, body, and soul agree upon most of the time?
All your waking hours could be spent in dreamland
And then anytime would be sleepy-time
Even if you don't have sleep narcolepsy

(better feldenchrist your chakras)

It's blue, so blue, like your eyes
Cheap Western eyes
The sun is devastating
To the skin it's blood and blistering
There's no Coppertone
In this cabana
Where the slavery
So palpable
It's a byproduct of
African, European,
And Arabic exploitation

Well I
Don't know anything
About how it feels like
But I know that life is like
A miserable indie pop song
Life is like a miserable indie pop song
Life is like a miserable indie pop song
Life is like a miserable indie pop song
It can be
Short or long

Do you write like Frank Black?
(oh yeah Cult of Ray and the Pixies)
Or maybe that guy from Weezer, inspired by Brian Wilson
Or maybe you're gonna go Americana
Like Johnny Cash, the man in black
Or maybe you're gonna go more genuine
Genuine Opry-time
Like Hank Williams
Hank (you name him) Williams!

(miserable indie song...)
Remember that time you read that book, heard that story?
Had that dream and realized your own thought?
That time is now, realize your own natural capital
You can do what you can, all you gotta do is put it out there
Let it come back
(miserable indie pop song)
It can be
Right or wrong

Like Billy Joel
In America's bars there's a man like him
Trying to relate to the customers
Got something to give
Captain Jack will always take you back
He's gonna wag, wag the tail
That wags the dog, that wags us all
Wag the tail
That wags us all, whatever it is
I know how it goes

Chuck Berry
And Jimi Hendrix
They got a
Johnny Ramone takes it
To the far side of the strip
The comic strip
(alley strip)

Is anybody even listening anymore?
I don't even know what's going on, where are we?
That's alright; nobody has to listen
And they don't!
People like to do other stuff
Do some chores, put the music on
Try washing dishes to Umma Gumma
People gonna put the sports on, on the big screen TV with the sound off, leave the music going
Hey wait a minute, some people like that kinda distraction, sporto!

And there's nothing
Wrong with
Living life like that
When yo're living life like that / living life out of a hat
In your miserable indie pop song
You know life is like a miserable indie song
Life is like a miserable indie song
It can be
Off or on


from Shapes of Life, released October 14, 2016
by Weiss/Zorn, Koehler
Koehler - Percussion
Weiss - Vocals, Guitar
Zorn - Vocals, Guitar, Bass




asterick Portland, Oregon

* is Jordan Weiss, and Wilson Zorn, playing what is perhaps best characterized as unapologetically askew, noisy indie pop- rock that never forgets about melody and accessibility. * would like to deliver their refreshing, inviting artistry to your indie pop hoe-down, rock show, appropriate benefit, art gallery, or coffee shop. ... more

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