Shapes of Life

by asterick

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Descendants rock ensemble happy song after he punished flexible sense of our time.

We feel humbled that our ferry, and if you keep your ears would be better.

New Definition of advertising such as rehabilitation or less serious fraud, may be the only way.

Now, on top of you, it has been built by listening to enjoy the sound of our era.


released October 14, 2016

Generally speaking:
Jeff Koehler - Percussion, Bass, Synth, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jordan Weiss - Vocals, Guitar
Wilson Zorn - Vocals, Guitar, Synth


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



asterick Portland, Oregon

* is Jeff Koehler, Jordan Weiss, and Wilson Zorn, playing what is perhaps best characterized as unapologetically askew, noisy indie pop-rock that never forgets about melody and accessibility. * would like to deliver their refreshing, inviting artistry to your indie pop hoe-down, rock show, appropriate benefit, art gallery, or coffee shop. ... more

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Track Name: Slow Children
(talk about your day...)

Sing a happy song
Words can be all wrong
Sing a happy tune
All day long

Yeah yeah yeah yeah...

Build a house of clay
Make it for to pray
Neighbors bring us water
Carry it/comes in buckets along the way
Yes, they do!
You know, hey!

Yeah yeah yeah yeah...

Slow children...slow children...
We're all slow children
Again and again
We can't get anywhere
The amnesia types
We're always late
The ambrosia types
We try, we'll never be on time
The magenta, the indigo children
We're always late
Riding the short bus
We're in short little buses
To after school
We're slow children

Sing a happy song
Forget the day that's done
You did do something good
Didn't ya?
You can too! / I did too!

Yeah yeah yeah yeah...

Track Name: Apple of My Eye
Every time I've gotta deal
Every time you force me to feel
Every time this loves' so real
It's the apple of my eye

Every time you force me to deal
Every time you make me feel
Every dollar I pay is real
It's the apple of my eye

Such bad food
Bad, bad fruit
Each time you make me wanna die

You're the apple of my eye...

You're the apple
You're that apple, that big apple
Apple cobbler
Apple strudel, apple filing with caramel and sugar,
Filling up the sea of my pie mind
Pieces of walnut, cinnamon

You're the apple
You're that decadent apple
That Martha Washington
Filling in the dessert
Made for the Fourth of July
That I love with coffee

You're the apple
Apple under my tree
Sitting on the teacher's desk
On some holiday I don't even celebrate anymore
Looking so very fine
I love to pick the apples and make cider from them
And are you chewing on that

apple of my
Track Name: Hey June
Hey June
I had a sad song
You made it sadder
You remembered
To get on the bus
Forget about us
And get yourself better, better, better, better

I just want it to be that way again
I just want to call you a friend
I just want to see you again
At the bottom of the lake, my friend

(repeat above)

Such a burning thing
It makes
A fiery ring
I fell for you like a child
I fell in for a burning ring of fire
But, oh, the fire went wild
And the flames burned higher and higher
And I threw you into a burning lake of fire
And I pushed you into a burning ring of fire
I tossed you into a burning lake of fire
And I know the pain will end when you admire
Waves of flames went higher and higher
Thing, when you play with fire you gotta remember
When I tossed you into a burning lake of fire
That there's gonna be a time you're gonna get burned
Track Name: Marilyn Warhol
Silk screen and industry
He's pornography, he's nothing
He's Marilyn Warhol
He's Marilyn Warhol

She steps out of the '60s
To cast a wide shadow over the modern age
Of the Chinese people in the Western lands
She's Marilyn Warhol
She's Marilyn Warhol

I'm gonna be like them
I'm gonna get a gun
I'm gonna be something
I'm gonna shoot (be) someone
In reality
In reality
On my TV screen
Like reality TV
Track Name: Pretty (Sunshine in the Winter in Portland)
Pretty is as pretty does...

Wilson and Jordan
Went out with Pretty last night
She was a lady
They stayed up all night
Stayed up unti dawn/light
'Cause Pretty is a lady
And pretty likes to talk
And pretty loves to listen
And pretty stayed up all night
They left their clothes on
Thank God

She was red, hot, and blue
Red, hot, and blue
She was Johnny Cash's daughter
Johnny Cash's daughter from another life
Johnny Cash's daughter
Red, hot, and blue
Red, hot, and blue

They stayed up all night
Had something to say
Pretty brought the night
And Pretty brought the light
'Cause Pretty mixed in dawn
And Pretty turned them on

She was red, hot, and blue
Red, hot, and blue
She was Johnny Cash's daughter
Johnny Cash's daughter from another life
Johnny Cash's daughter
Red, hot, and blue
Red, hot, and blue

Pretty is as pretty does...
What she wants is more from you
What she needs is different from you
That's pretty
So pretty
Track Name: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
original lyrics by Taylor Swift, below represents our small rework to that

I remember when we broke up the first time
We were screaming you take yours and I'll take mine
We hadn't seen each other for long months
You showed up saying you needed space, who knows for what

Then you turned around and you say
"Baby, how I miss you and I'm really/never gonna change"
I remember how it lasted for a day
We broke up, got together again in May

But, oh, we called it off again last night
This time I'm telling you it's for the very right

'Cause we are never ever ever getting back together
We are never ever ever getting back together
You go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me
But we are never ever ever getting back together
We are never ever ever getting back together

I'm not gonna miss you picking fights
Making me scream how I'm so fucking right
And you go hide away, go get your piece of mind (or whatever)
You'll go out with anything, everything is cooler than mine

I used to say we'd be forever and forever
I used to say never say never
But just like that old Romeo Void song
I found out that we're so wrong

Oh, you called me up again last night
Telling me how you'd fix this up so very right
But this time I'm telling you this is the end
We're no longer lovers, we're not even friends

'Cause we are never ever ever getting back together
We are never ever ever getting back together
You go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me
You can even have the nerve to talk to the whole damn family
But we are never ever ever getting back together
We are never ever ever getting back together
Track Name: Princess
You know it's about fire
(You're my) Princess
You create such desire
Such a burning bright star
You're In the sky
We gotta be where you are

Nearer to the fire
Nearer to the fountain
Wanna be like Nero fiddlin' to fire
Gotta be Nero to taht fire
Wanna be like a moth all racked up to flames/fire
Stand so close to fire

You'll get burned

You're the prettiest girl in the mall
You're the parking spot near the door
You know whereall the happy spots and that place where you go
The biggest brightest star
To go and get your happy on whenever you wanna throw down
Gotta be just where you are
With what you know you are
Way up (there) in the sky
So high
So high

(look up and try to speak...)

You know it's always about fire (You're always about fire)
You create such desire
Such a burning bright star
In the sky
Gotta be where you are

But you see
You're so far up in the sky
We'll never get that very far
We'll never be just where you are
W'ell have to settle for less
Never, never settle for less
Settle for less
Never, never settle for less
Settle for less...
Solar storm
The ring of fire will knock it out
Track Name: Stay
Don't you want me to stay?
I'm leaving today
I'm gone anyway
This time I'm gone away on a Greyhound bus going somewhere out of state
Don't you chase me around this room
You're brandishing that broom
Forecasting my doom
It's alright but I'm so anti-looming and I'm trying to remember how to forget all those things I remembered

I didn't want to but I had to go
I didn't want to but I had to go

Don't you want me to be
Something like free?
Like I was when you met me
Chocolate cake and funnies and all those Widespread Panic concerts, oh boy
Don't you want me to say
That I wanna stay
We could be the way that we were when we were that way

I didn't want to but I had to go
I didn't want to but I had to go

Don't you want me to stay?
I'm leaving today
I'm gone away
This time I'm taking a spaceship somewhere really far away, to a galaxy, I don't even know where I'm going
Don't you just wanna be company?
Can we forget all this misery?
And be like we were when we were young in love

Walking hand in hand
(all the beautiful things we shared)

I don't know how it ended up this way
I never used to care every day
But now I do

Don't you want me to stay?
I guess I don't either
I'm leaving today
...down the road... ba ba...
...gonna make it after all
Track Name: Mary Richards
Mary Richards
Didn't need a man
So why should you, my only one?
Mary Richards
Didn't need a man
Didn't need much of anyone
Except for emotional support
Every now and then
You know everyone needs a friend
Mary Richards
Wanted to be a dancer
Mary Richards
Tolerated Ted Baxter!

Mary Richards
Didn't need a man
To do the things her fingers could
Mary Richards
Lived her life
And it felt so very, very good
Mary Richards
Stopped to ponder
Mary Richards
Had a good friend Rhoda
Track Name: Farmer Reynolds
Farmer Reynolds
Like a lost potato
Got mango on his mind
Got crops on his brain
Gonna make some money
Gonna make it his way / gonna go insane
Farmer Reynolds
Farmer Reynolds

Hey, kids!
What you gonna grow?
You gonna use open pollinated?
Oh, no!

Farmer Reynolds
Got somethin' on his mind
It's a junkie's mind
It's a junkie's mind
It's populated with porn and cheap booze
And lottery tickets, to boot
Feels good, yeah good
When you want it, yeah, like Farmer Reynolds
All that matters is celluloid
From another age
On eBay, on eBay
In vintage condition, in vintage condition
Track Name: Study
It's what you should be doing
Between the highs and lows of your college life

It's what you should be doing
Between the bong loads and the final exams

'Cause study
Is just sturdy without the "r"
Reading, writing, and arithmetic and reasoning
Are a few of the things that you find in your college life
Do you practice every day?
You gotta sstudy
You need resources, baby
Gotta know what you're doing in your college life
Gotta study, gotta study
Once you get outta school you gotta think for yourself
And you never stop studying

Studying, studying.
Through school
Keeps you alive
You never stop studying
Stroke of life as your engagement in the world around you
Through work
Nothing will always manage to take your interest and keep you engaged in this life
Through retirement
Curiosity is your spark
And you have nothing to worry about
You gotta study
Because the time you're not worried about studying
You gotta study
The time you're not intrigued enough to study something
You gotta study
You'll be dead
Dead, dead...
Track Name: Miserable Indie Pop Song
Because it is time for you to press record and play it

Better rip-chord your chakras
Do anything your mind, body, and soul agree upon most of the time?
All your waking hours could be spent in dreamland
And then anytime would be sleepy-time
Even if you don't have sleep narcolepsy

(better feldenchrist your chakras)

It's blue, so blue, like your eyes
Cheap Western eyes
The sun is devastating
To the skin it's blood and blistering
There's no Coppertone
In this cabana
Where the slavery
So palpable
It's a byproduct of
African, European,
And Arabic exploitation

Well I
Don't know anything
About how it feels like
But I know that life is like
A miserable indie pop song
Life is like a miserable indie pop song
Life is like a miserable indie pop song
Life is like a miserable indie pop song
It can be
Short or long

Do you write like Frank Black?
(oh yeah Cult of Ray and the Pixies)
Or maybe that guy from Weezer, inspired by Brian Wilson
Or maybe you're gonna go Americana
Like Johnny Cash, the man in black
Or maybe you're gonna go more genuine
Genuine Opry-time
Like Hank Williams
Hank (you name him) Williams!

(miserable indie song...)
Remember that time you read that book, heard that story?
Had that dream and realized your own thought?
That time is now, realize your own natural capital
You can do what you can, all you gotta do is put it out there
Let it come back
(miserable indie pop song)
It can be
Right or wrong

Like Billy Joel
In America's bars there's a man like him
Trying to relate to the customers
Got something to give
Captain Jack will always take you back
He's gonna wag, wag the tail
That wags the dog, that wags us all
Wag the tail
That wags us all, whatever it is
I know how it goes

Chuck Berry
And Jimi Hendrix
They got a
Johnny Ramone takes it
To the far side of the strip
The comic strip
(alley strip)

Is anybody even listening anymore?
I don't even know what's going on, where are we?
That's alright; nobody has to listen
And they don't!
People like to do other stuff
Do some chores, put the music on
Try washing dishes to Umma Gumma
People gonna put the sports on, on the big screen TV with the sound off, leave the music going
Hey wait a minute, some people like that kinda distraction, sporto!

And there's nothing
Wrong with
Living life like that
When yo're living life like that / living life out of a hat
In your miserable indie pop song
You know life is like a miserable indie song
Life is like a miserable indie song
It can be
Off or on
Track Name: Nadine
You're the prettiest cheerleading, cheerleading queen
Not stuck up or nothing, you would talk to me
In the cafeteria you wouldn't make fun of my sneakers too much

When I think of those nights
And I think of how I was so alone
And nobody cared and nobody called
But you
Well, you didn't call but I know you loved me
From far awat

I didn't think the accident would happen, I didn't think the gun would go off / I didn't mean to shoot you with that gun, needle, or something else
That flash of light was nothing I could have forecasted
I didn't think you'd grab the gun, I didn't think you'd force the trigger to go off

And when I think of that night
I think of you and how lovely you were in that steel-metal grey reflecting in your eyes
Beautiful craftsmanship
I loved you Nadine
You were a work of art
You were beautiful beyond words
You were attractive, yes, you were also intelligent
You were incredible, you were talented, athletic, smart
You were the kind, you were everything, you were,
You were the kind of girl I learned to call a woman\

The most beautiful girl, special girl / I would never take your record collection and sell it for drugs
Those books and such, you were a doctor, a lawyer, or something / I'm not a computer guy, I can't sell your stuff on eBay
I didn't sell your stuff, I couldn't really get a cost, I couldn't get a price on eBay
It was a lot of inventory, it was a lot to see, it was a lot to pack
Your stuff never got a value on eBay
All those blankets and such, your Stax Volt Five / all your Stax, your Volt, your surf collection
The way you expressed yourself with those African artifacts
And when I look at that Ethiopian something, a mask, a face on the wal
It reminds me of you and how I loved you
I fell in love with your brain and your body
All those years ago
I'm sorry, Nadine
Track Name: God's Only Son
Let me tell you a story
Let me shovel some dirt
Let me tell you a story
And it's gonna hurt
It's about your mamma
This song's about your mamma
And your poppa, too
You're gonna learn something
You don't wanna know
I'm sorry, son
But it's time for you to burn/learn

Let me tell you a story
About the time you were born
When God made me a cuckold
When God made me his bitch
When God gave you to this world
That's when God made us all rich
'Cause you're God's only son
You're God's only son
You're God's only son
You're God's only son

(God's only son...)

I should have told you
Before you murdered that man
Maybe I should have told you
After you raped that girl (you animal)
If you knew
That you already had won
If you knew you had
Won redemption
But now you're damned
I'm sorry
I called God up
I asked his advice
Maybe I shouldn't have beat you so much
When you were such a little brat
But you know how hard it is when everybody's laughing at me
(oh my God, it was such a pain raising you)
When they say you're not my kid
When they say you're better than me
(so much stigma about being a single father, they hate you)
When they talk about how much better you are
You're fucking perfect
(it was always like that)

Hang on, wait
You know what, I'm sorry
Because I shouldn't be talking about how I feel
Because this song's about you
Because it's always about you
Because you're God's only son
You're God's only son
You're God's only son
You're God's only son
You're God's only son
Never have fun when you're God's only son
Never have fun 'cause you don't go the sun
Track Name: 42
Last year I got a motor home
Gassed up her up and let her go
Fixed her up real nice (check her out)
Chicks will think I'm cool as ice
Last year I was 41
I didn't have a lot of fun
(no way, man)
Now I'm gonna be 42
I say oh my and boo-hoo
(I can be called a Jew)
Now I"m gonna be 42
Oh my and boo-hoo

When you're
No longer attractive
To your peers
Or younger people
Do you question yourself?
It's superficial
But superficial matters

I wanna know, I wanna know

What I want
What I need
What I want
What I'm gonna get

Last year I was 41
Track Name: Albert Hofmann
Albert Hofmann
Maria Sabina
Gordon Wasson
Timothy Leary
Margaret Mead
John Lennon and
Jerry Garcia

Albert Hofmann
He was the chemist at Sandos
\For nearly 40 years
He was in charge of medicinal plants and mushrooms
And his work made it possible for enough of us
Well, some of us to experience something other than current eating, shitting, and sleeping, walking mentality we all currently share

April 16, 1943
He took another look at LSD-25
A substance he had been working with 5 years earlier
April 19, 1943
The world's first bicycle
Bicycle day, bicycle day
Learn how to ride your bike
In a brand new way
Albert Hofmann
Had the world's first LSD trip
While riding his bicycle home from work
He was a scientist for over 70 years
And he did more to help our species evolve than Rene Descartes

April 28, 2008
Surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones
At his home at the tender age of one hundred and two
Albert Hofmann died

Standing on the shoulder of giants
Gives me a view that others can't see
Unless they're standing on the shoulders of giants
Taking a look at what I see
Yeah, yeah, yeah...
Track Name: Android
et Android
Will you save us white mice?
If we ask you real nice?
Will you take our advice?
Will you throw the white rice?

Will you monitor us at night?
Please chase away the fright
You know it just seems right
Come watch us tonight!

(reach out and touch someone...can you hear me now?)

Jordan, this is Planet Earth
Will you tell us about the androids?
What they think what they feel, what they'll do, what they know
Will you tell us please?

Androids? Androids are ....
Androids are our servants, not the other way around, Wilson!
Androids are our servants, not the other way around!

Good news! Good new for planet Earth!

(are you there? can you hear me now? hello? hello?)

Hey Jordan? Hey, Jordan, are you there? Hello?
Hey, bro! Wilson, hang on, call waiting...
No, no, no, keep the signal, please keep the signal
Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?
Oh yeah, that's better, I don't mean to be so urgent
I'm on the horizon, can you hear me now?
There's a problem, it's about the androids
The androids?
Yeah, what they think, what they know, what they'll do, who are they, who are they? Jordan, will you tell us, please?
The androids? The androids, oh my gosh, the androids! The android is just a material observation of our singular passion with the material realistic we live in. The android is our servant, Wilson, not the other way around!
Oh, thank you! Thank you, Jordan!
The android is our servant, Wilson, not the other way around!
Track Name: Anna Nicole
Poor, poor Anna Nicole
I didn't know anything about her until she died
And I wonder what it was like to be Anna, always the center
And I wonder if she knew Kurt Cobain
'Cause he died just the same
And when I'm lying masturbating, dreaming, thinking, wondering
I think that my fantasies look a lot like hers and a lot like his
We're the stars, we're the white trash porno stars
And we always like to look down on ourselves 'cause of our
And I'm thinking about Kurt Cobain and Anna Nicole
Are they going out together, hanging out in heaven or hell or wherever it is they think they are?
And I wanna tell you about it

I wanna be Anna Nicole
I wanna be Anna Nicole
And you can be Kurt Cobain
And you can be Kurt Cobain
Your life you gotta DIY
You gotta be something
To be a star
You gotta life your life
You gotta do something
To be who you are
That's a white trash porno star

Poor, poor Anna Nicole
Poor, poor, poor

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